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Rather than offer energy through predefined tariffs that every business has access to, suppliers will offer each individual business a bespoke business electricity or gas quote that is designed to meet its specific needs and consumption habits.

It can be very time-consuming contacting each supplier directly and very difficult to gauge how your quotes measure up to other businesses. This is where a specialist energy broker like Stable Energy can help.

While some brokers research the whole market, most represent only a group of suppliers who they know and trust. It’s important to be aware of what suppliers your broker will be getting quotes from, and to find a broker that’s experienced in dealing with a company of your size and needs. At Stable Energy we identify your needs and past issues and will only place you with a supplier once you have a full understanding.

The first thing that Stable Energy will look at is the Standing Charge and the Cost per kWh that each supplier offers. The Standing Charge is a daily fixed cost that covers grid maintenance and any other expenses incurred when supplying fuel directly to a premises. It’s not unlike paying for line rental with your phone contract. Cost per kWh is the price per unit of energy used.

However, it’s important not to make a decision on price alone. The quality of the service you receive is extremely important, especially in the event of something going wrong. To be positive you’re getting the best value on your business’s energy, the full needs of your business must be properly assessed.

Stable Energy is regulated by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and must comply with consumer protection laws, including those which relate to business customers. They are prohibited by the Business Protection from Misleading Marketing Regulations (BPMMRs) from carrying out misleading advertising activities and must always identify themselves and be clear about the purpose of any contact.

While Third Party Intermediaries are not licensed by Ofgem, Ofgem has set out clear standards to which they should adhere.

In most case, yes. However, suppliers are not under any obligation to supply you and can reject a contract due to credit rating or supply size.

It’s also important to remember that business energy customers are bound to their contracts and are unable to switch until they are within their renewal window, which is typically six months before the end of their current contract. This may mean that you have to wait for a period before beginning a new contract. This is why Stable Energy take time to understand your business, meet with you face to face and present recommendations in person.

In order for Stable Energy to find you the best deal, you’ll typically need to provide them with a recent bill, your business’s registration information, your MPAN and MPRN numbers and the end date of your current contract.

All of the information above can be found on a recent bill or is available from your supplier. One short telephone conversation is usually all a broker needs to learn enough about your business’s needs and consumption habits and start gathering quotes on your behalf.

Some brokers or Third Party Intermediaries charge for the services it provides you. This can take the form of a direct charge paid by you to them, for example a flat fee upon singing a new contract.

It’s important to get a clear idea of how much overall you will pay a broker and to remember that you don’t have to sign a contract with a broker (and pay them a fee) just because they have gathered quotes for you. Stable Energy do not charge up front or flat fees to its customers. They receive a payment from the supplier instead.

Once you’ve decided on a new tariff or provider with the help of Stable Energy, the switching process will take on average around six weeks to complete and will begin once your current contract has been terminated. Your switch of provider will usually occur at the time of your next scheduled meter read. All this will be handled by Stable Energy.

As with many things is life, it’s always a good idea to go with a company that has plenty of experience and has already negotiated many new business contracts. It’s important to choose a company with a proven track record of expertise that will take the time to talk you through your bill and make sure you fully understand everything about the process.

Different brokers also offer different levels of service, so look for a company that provides something extra such as letting you know when your contract is coming up for renewal. Once they’ve helped you to decide on a new supplier (or a new tariff with your existing provider) a good broker will set up your contract, so you can concentrate on running your business. At Stable Energy your success is our priority. We save you time and effort and will deal with all aspects of your utility needs.

It’s very important to be aware that contacts agreed with brokers over the phone are legally binding and don’t have to be signed in writing.

At Stable Energy we deal with you face to face, we do not operate call centres or employ third party call centres for new clients.

Contact Stable Energy for one of our energy consultants to contact you. We will then discuss what is best for you and your business.

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